Radiant floor systems heat objects, not air, to provide superior human comfort. InFloor systems work by circulating warm water through cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing encased in the floor. People are completely surrounded with radiant warmth, and the air temperature is uniform from floor to ceiling.

InFloor radiant floor systems transfer heat to the floor turning it into a warm, mild radiator. Because the systems require only low water temperatures (between 90 F to 130 F), they are perfectly suited to use with a geothermal heat pump. We can design a system to heat your whole house or a single room; we can control the system with one thermostat or provide room-by-room temperature control.

So many benefits with Radiant Floor Heating…

Superior Comfort – Consistent, steady heat all winter long remaining near the floor where you are. It is a very desirable cool head, warm feet environment.

Warm tile floors in kitchens and bathrooms. Beautiful wood and marble floors are even more enjoyable because they are now warm.

Efficiency – Because people are in direct contact with the heat source, they are comfortable at a lower thermostat setting. Energy savings between 20 to 40% result.

Zoning Ability – Radiant floor heating allows room by room temperature control, allowing more heat where you want it most.

Decorating Freedom – because the system is encased in the floor, furnishings can be placed wherever you desire without concern for impairing heat distribution or hiding unsightly heating appliances. In addition, InFloor radiant floor heating systems can be installed under any type of flooring, including wood, tile, concrete and carpet.

Clean and draft-free – there are no noisy fans to blow dust and allergens around your home. Because the floors are warm, they dry quicker after mopping.

Radiant Floor Heating Adds Value To The Home – installing radiant floor heating in your home immediately increases the value of your home. Installing InFloor tubing in slab or basement applications allows you to turn cold, damp areas into warm cozy living space – taking full advantage of all the available square footage in your home.

With proper design and insulation, the benefits of a InFloor radiant floor heating system are many. It’s easy to see why more and more people are choosing superior comfort and efficiency for their homes and families.