Not All Underlayment Products Perform Like Maxxon Products

Specify Maxxon for Performance and Value.

Superior products, fast application and expert installation are among the reasons you can depend on Maxxon for value — before, during and long after installation. That’s because Maxxon is the pioneer in the underlayments industry, with the proven product knowledge, resources and satisfied customers that go along with that status. It all adds up to reliable quality, project after project. So specify the best underlayments available. From Maxxon, the floor specialists.

Gyp-Crete – For sound and fire control in multi-family construction, original Gyp-Crete is still the best. Since 1971 it has become a standard in apartments, condominiums, townhomes, hotels and motels.

Gyp-Crete – 2000 When you’re looking for a tough underlayment to go over wood subfloors, think of Gyp-Crete 2000. It’s especially designed for use with plywood, oriented strand board or wafer board. In homes or commercial buildings, Gyp-Crete 2000 won’t shrink crack like lightweight concrete. It’s surface hardness is five times greater than most other gypsum underlayments. In fact, Gyp-Crete 2000 is so tough it can be installed before the drywall is installed.

Dura-Cap – To smooth concrete slabs or precast planks, use Dura-Cap. It’s our hardest gypsum underlayment, with a surface hardness 26 times greater than standard underlayments. It’s formulated to cap rough, pitted, cracked and out-of-level concrete. In renovation projects, it can be poured directly over old tile and adhesive residue. Gyp-Crete 2000 and Dura-Cap can also be used over a special encapsulant to abate vinyl asbestos tile. Consult Schuster Heating & Pump Co., Inc. for more details on this safe and extremely cost-effective method abatement.

Therma-Floor – Therma-Floor is a gypsum underlayment designed to pour over hot water tubes or electric heating cables. It acts as the thermal mass for any radiant floor heating system. Therma-Floor encases the tubes or cables in crack resistant, non combustible gypsum. Its special formula resists breakdowns to 150 °F (66 °C). And because it’s poured as thin as 1¼” thick, the heating system is more responsive and more comfortable.

Level-Right – When the job calls for high-strength, self-leveling, cementitious underlayment, Level-Right is the cost-effective solution. It’s pumped in directly over new, irregular or weather-damaged concrete, wood or worn ceramic tile, terrazzo and adhesives–making them smooth and level. Level-Right saves time and money in prepping floors for floor goods installation, too. There’s no extensive curing time, so ceramic tile can be thin-set within two to four hours.

Acousti-Mat – The only sound deadening, UL listed system. Acousti-Mat offers the ultimate in sound and fire control, with impact noise reduction for multifamily, private home and office applications. Acousti-Mat is a dense rubber pad that inhibits sound transfer through floors–even with hard-surface floor goods such as tile or hardwoods. In new wood-frame construction, Acousti-Mat can add up to 10 db points to the Impact Insulation Class (IIC) sound rating. In concrete construction, an additional 20 db rating points are possible. That’s a four-fold increase in sound control.